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Learning to Listen in Colour

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Registration is open for our 2024 Expressive Arts Certificate and Art & Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma programs! 

Our final deadline for summer registration is April 30, 2024.

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Art Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Dual Diplomas &  Expressive Arts Certificate 


School-Based Expressive Arts Certificate


Drop in classes to add tools to your art

and expressive arts therapy toolkit


WHEAT Institute

WHEAT Institute provides top quality training in the therapeutic use of the arts. Through art and expressive arts therapy certificate and diploma programs, students learn how the universal language of art allows healing, growth and justice to emerge from even the smallest brushstrokes, movements and words. 

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Bonface Beti

WHEAT Arts for Social Change and Peacebuilding 

“The link between therapy and structural change is critical because individual well being is just as fantastic as structural wellbeing. We don't heal in isolation and we don't heal in disconnection.” 

Lindsay Ashmore

WHEAT Instructor and Supervisor, 


“I think to be open to discovery is synonymous with being curious. We only have access to that when we are in balance or regulation. Many of us experience difficulty in accessing those capacities because of the impacts of colonization.” 

Tayler Schenkeveld

Wheat Research Navigator, Instructor, and Supervisor, RCAT

“I value many things about art therapy. Words aren’t always available and Art Therapy has a way of reaching parts of ourselves that we never knew was there. I’ve seen first hand how transformative art therapy can be.”

Mitchell Saunders

WHEAT Expressive Arts Certificate and Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma graduate

“Expressive Art gives you an ability to explore new horizons you didn’t know were there but have been with you the whole time.”

Bevan Klassen

WHEAT Art Therapy graduate, Therapist and owner of Deep Focus Art Therapy

“How do you enter a story if you don't have a narrative that you've processed, and can speak with words? That’s when it becomes about art therapy. It is about images and sounds and music, and could go into drama, movement, poetry. It's just so broad, and now we have film and video making. We start by playing because that's where the energy is, and then we can ground it with understanding, learning and sharing.” 

Miriam Duff

WHEAT Expressive Arts Therapy graduate, Psychosocial Oncology Clinician at CancerCare Manitoba, M.Ed.

“It is rooted in the expressive process and the aesthetic response, a movement that comes from a place that is not in the head, it's in the heart. It can even be soul work, so it is about identity, holistic identity.”

Stephanie Scott

WHEAT Registrar and Operations Manager, MA

“My academic background is in international development, looking at children's rights. While I was doing my research with women and children in Uganda, I became aware of the use of drama, storytelling, music, and visual arts as a way for children to process their trauma and reintegrate back into their communities.”

Phoenix Song

WHEAT Instructor, Writer, Musician, Teacher, Healer, Transformer, Expressive Arts Facilitator

“The artwork itself becomes a storyteller, revealing memories and narratives that may have remained dormant. In this beautiful and transformative process, expressive arts enable us to access and release stored information, gain insightful 'aha' moments, and trust in the inherent process of creativity."

Tereza Gomez

Wheat Mindfulness Instructor, Family Therapist and Professor at the University of Winnipeg

“When we start to drop inside, what comes out is what is coming up for healing, and is to be seen and embraced.” 
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Manitoba / Online
Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma

Registration is open 

for the 2024 cohort!

AT Diploma Poster.jpg

Manitoba / Online
Art Therapy

Registration is open
for the 2024 cohort!

WHEAT Dual Diploma 2024.jpg

Manitoba / Online
Dual Art & Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma

Registration is open
for the 2024 cohort!

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Weaving Braids of Belonging Certificate

We are open to creating a program that meets the needs of your community or organization

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Manitoba / Online
Expressive Arts Certificate

Registration is open
for the 2024 cohort

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Manitoba / Online
School-Based Expressive Arts Certificate

Registration is open for 
October 2024

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