WHEAT Institute's Diploma Programs are your gateway to your new career as a registered art therapist, expressive arts therapist or expressive arts consultant/educator! These intensive two to three-year programs provide over 500 hours of instruction in art and expressive arts therapy, along with the practicum hours and supervision necessary to prepare you for registration with either the Canadian Art Therapy Association, the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association, or the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.


In addition to your core and elective courses, your practicum placements provide hands-on experience at sites specifically chosen to prepare you for your new career. Your final project/thesis allows you the opportunity to research an area complementary to your practicum experience, thus allowing a specialization to develop over your years of study at WHEAT Institute. This specialization increases your chances of employment in your chosen field upon graduation.


We look forward to the opportunity to walk with you on this sacred and often awe-inspiring path of personal and community transformation.

Check out our Art Therapy Diploma, Indigenized Art Therapy DiplomaExpressive Arts Diploma and Dual Diploma.

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