WHEAT Institute, in partnership with The Winnipeg Foundation, offers the opportunity for supporters to make tax-deductible contributions to the Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Arts Therapy Scholarship Fund. All gifts are greatly appreciated and contribute to the development of excellence in the therapeutic use of the arts.
Gifts may be made online by clicking below or by mail directly to: 

The Winnipeg Foundation
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Winnipeg, MB
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Scholarships – available soon

Bea Louise Anderson Memorial Scholarship $400

Bea L. Anderson, Darci’s grandmother, was an artist. A lifetime of experimentation with watercolour, ink, pastels, and oil began with a childhood fascination with shadows and a set of the three primary colours housed in tiny china cups. Bea’s artistic gift was nourished throughout public school as she chalked classroom murals, won art competitions, and became known as “the Artist of the School.” Inspired by the prairie landscape and faces from diverse cultures, Bea was fascinated by the stories these images told. Over 2,000 of her works are hung throughout the world. Tutor and mentor, she was a founder of the North Regina Artists Guild, living her belief that everyone has an artistic, creative capacity.

The Bea Louise Anderson Memorial Scholarship will go to a student in high academic standing, with demonstrated artistic abilities, meeting program entrance requirements. Preference will be given to students of prairie origin from Alberta, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan. The successful candidate will show evidence of a commitment to bettering the lives of people from diverse cultures.

Applicants must already be accepted into their program of choice at WHEAT Institute. Please send a CV, 500-word description of related attributes and experience, and three written references. Applications due May 30th. Award recipients will be determined June 15th. Funds will be applied to second term tuition.

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Elder Harry Bone Award $400

The Elder Harry Bone Award is created in recognition of the ongoing work of Elder Harry Bone in promoting and protecting Indigenous culture, rights and worldview. Member, and former Chief and Director of Keeseekoowenin Ojibway, he has also worked as a CEO at the West Region Tribal Council and as a Director of the Manitoba Indian Education Authority. Federally, he was Director of Native Programs and Vice-President of Aboriginal Cultural Centres of Canada. He is currently a member and Chairperson of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Elders Council.

Elder Bone writes and speaks about the traditional laws and customs of Indigenous people from the perspective of Indigenous people, thus reclaiming words and injecting new power into them. To hear Elder Bone speak is to feel inspired by compassion, reason, humility, and grace in the service of human dignity. His distinguished achievements in leadership, scholarship and public service reflect his tireless and trendsetting work in advancing Indigenous education in Canada. In the spirit of the life and ongoing work of Elder Harry Bone, the recipient of this award will be an Indigenous student with demonstrated excellence in leadership and/or scholarship, and/or public service, and/or arts and culture. Students must meet all other requirements for entry into the WHEAT program of their choice.

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