Miyo Pimâtisiwin

Canada's First Fully Indigenized

Art Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy & Dual Diplomas

We welcome you to join us, to journey together, with qualified and experienced Indigenous art therapists, expressive arts healers, artists and Elders, following a shared life-enhancing vision to integrate the arts into our healing practices and circles. We wish to contribute to the restoration of our relationship to Earth Mother, and the revitalization of Indigenous knowledges and resilience as First People of this land, while exploring the contemporary challenges of decolonization and reconciliation. We will be engaging in lived experiences of personal and collective transformation, by applying strategies from the realms of art and expressive arts therapies to foster empowerment, healing and transformation for all. As we heal, learn and teach from within Indigenized perspectives, through the lens of the therapeutic arts, we particularly intend to reach out to, network with, and increase access to services for underserviced Indigenous communities who are seeking effective ways to help their community members.


All of our Healing Arts programs are designed around 4 central themes which are woven throughout our courses, and all terms:


Walking Our Talk: We honor our Gifts and resilience as Wounded Healers, and prioritize self-care as central to a sustainable life-long practice as a helper. We endeavor to model wellness, peace building and ethical behavior as necessary for a good life - miyo pimâtisiwin.


Embracing Cultural knowledge: We seek ways to embrace, restore, and revitalize cultural connections through embracing the power of Stories, Ceremonies and Indigenous Languages, and the Arts as Teachers; and acknowledge the fundamental necessity of land-based teachings to help us Reconnect, Respect and Protect Mother Earth.


Recognizing Collective Trauma: We recognize the interconnectedness of Personal, Historical, Ancestral, and Collective Trauma, and that healing through arts-based, trauma-informed, and strength-oriented perspectives necessarily includes enhancing personal wellbeing, addressing social inequities, and inspiring social change.


Restoring Relationality: We acknowledge the importance of restoring and rebuilding respectful Family, Community, Tribal, and Societal Relations, and embrace harmony with All Our Relations, as the core of integration and healing.

Download a copy of the Indigenized Programs 2022 brochure:

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Dual Diploma

Indigenized Program that combines the Art Therapy Diploma and Expressive Arts training (2.5-3.5 years)

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Art Therapy Diploma

Indigenized Program resulting in a designation as an Art Therapist (2.5 years)


Expressive Arts Certificate

Indigenized Program to integrate Expressive Arts into to your current practice (1 year)

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