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EDI Expressive Arts

Join us as a drop-in student in a wide array of art and expressive arts courses to have a taste of a cornucopia of transformational creative arts opportunities in movement, poetry, drama, music and more! Relevant to helpers of all kinds: teachers, guidance counsellors, resource teachers, behavior support teachers, clergy, recreation leaders, and anyone interested in learning to reach and motivate others through the medicine of art. You will love the kindred spirits you meet along the way, as you join this social justice minded peace movement through the healing power of the arts. Register for courses here. A written statement outlining your background is required.

Weaving Braids of Belonging - Poster June 2023.jpg

We are open to creating a program that meets the needs of your community or organization. Contact us at so that we may further explore how we may best support you!

Explore our EDI community Expressive Arts projects: Heart Garden and Memorial Gallery


Current Fees - Professional Development

Weaving Braids of Belonging 100-hour Certificate Program:

$3900.00 CAD for full program

(team discount of 25% available for groups of 4 or more)

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