The Rivers of Solidarity: Expressive Arts for Social Transformation Certificate will engage participants in reflection, personal practice, and action on issues of identity, relationship, and social transformation. We will explore ways culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability weave through systems of power, oppression, and privilege, as well as ways to engage in social action towards liberation and equity. Participants will be invited to deepen their awareness, understanding, capacity, and skills, working with the lived embodiment of systems and their transformation. 

A diverse group of teachers will support participants to explore identity and self in-relation, journeying towards braver and safer creative spaces. Together we will grow capacity to weather the storms of change relationally, deepen our embodied skillfulness  to generate solidarity, and weave social justice practices in the midst of all  that is turbulent. This is collaborative, creative heART work. We will explore structural and systemic layers, as well as the relational and personal internalized aspects of oppression and change. We will cultivate inquiry into resistance, rebellion, and revolution from a place of love and creativity. In this work we need each other: this is the practice of creative solidarity. 

All participants and faculty will be supported to experience their own brilliance and magic in order to step deeply into their own power in ways that enhance and support others’ full becoming. As Warriors and Grandmothers, Poets and Artists, Dancers and Dreamers, Educators, Helpers, and Healers, we envision a world without racism or any form of violence: a world of harmonious relations where we care for each other and Mother Earth. We aim to hold sacred space for new beginnings. Come dream with us and practice loving, inclusive ways of being in the world together through the incomparable power and nuance of the arts.

For more information please contact WHEAT Institute at or register here.

A copy of our course of study schedule is available upon request. Our program launch has been postponed to September 2022. 

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Experience the work of several of our Rivers of Solidarity facilitators in the following two pre-certificate drop-in offerings, in advance of the Certificate launch in April!

Reckoning: How our Ancestral Legacies Shape our Collective Liberation

Facilitated by Phoenix Song and Juli Rees

Sunday, February 27th

12 - 4 pm CST


Some of our deepest wisdom comes from our ancestral lands and lineages along with our life experiences. In this workshop with movement, art making, writing, and sharing, you will deepen your connection with your ancestral legacies and reflect on the unique strengths and challenges you bring to collective justice and liberation work

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The Threads We Weave: A History of Our Resistance to Oppression

Facilitated by Amanda K Gross and Sheba Gittens

Saturday, March 26th

12 - 4 pm CST


In this afternoon workshop, we will create an intersectional historical weaving of stories of resistance to oppression. Using intermodal and multidisciplinary approaches, we will integrate movement, breath, storytelling, self-reflection, and fiber art to build a shared foundational analysis for understanding intersectional oppression, movements of resistance, and our personal relationships to ancestral legacies and collective liberation.

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Current Requirements

The Rivers of Solidarity Certificate is open to artists, healers, helpers, therapists, cultural workers, social workers, educators, and community activists with some arts background. Participants may enter as artists and community activists with some arts background or with a Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as counselling, education, social work, fine arts, psychology, OT, recreation, or divinity. A written application indicating your background is required.


Current Application Process

Application Deadlines: Registration is open for the inaugural 2022 cohort! There are a limited number of seats available and spots will be reserved as applications are received. Our program launch has been postponed to September 2022. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.  

Applicants are selected based on their written application statements, resume, and an art portfolio.

April 2022 Update: We are pleased to offer a combination of in-person and Online offerings. Further details to come soon!


Harmonized Expressive Arts Certificate

“Every WHEAT learning opportunity provides me with knowledge and strategies that I can immediately implement with my students.  I have witnessed a marked difference in my students’ success and mostly in my ability to help them on their healing journey.  WHEAT learning is the perfect balance of theory and practical experiences. This immersive learning experiences is refreshing and empowering!”

Expressive Arts Certificate Student, 2018 - 2019

"It is hard to put into words how transformational this experience was. I am very grateful for the teachings, and cannot wait to inspire change!"

Expressive Arts Student from Fyre Jean Graveline's Expressive Arts Studio II

"I am counted among a small handful of folks who were part of the first U of W & WHEAT Institute PBDE cooperative program in School Counselling and Expressive Arts Therapy. I could not have done this re-entry into the world of academia without the yummy goodness that was the experiential, immersive programming at WHEAT. It was what I'd describe as, 'A Scrumptious Education!'"

U of W / WHEAT PBDE Program, 2014-2016

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Current Fees - Rivers of Solidarity Certificate

There is no GST or Tax on any of our fees or tuition. Canadian and American participants will pay in their home currency (CAD and USD, respectively). Participants from outside Canada and the United States are invited to contact WHEAT as program fees will be adjusted for residents from Category II and III Countries based on the Human Development Index. 

Tuition Fees for Rivers of Solidarity Certificate: $9,800.00 

186 hour program

The payment schedule is calculated on the course hours completed each term and tuition installments are due yearly on April 15, September 1, and January 15. An estimate will be provided to students upon acceptance.

Additional Fees:

$100.00  - Non-refundable Registration Fee
$50.00  - Art Supply fee (waived for online training)

$50.00  - Graduation fee