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There are a number of accommodation options in Winnipeg to suit your needs. WHEAT Institute courses are held at two locations: the St. Norbert Arts Centre in South Winnipeg and the Arthur Street Studio in Winnipeg’s downtown Exchange District. Please consult your course syllabus to confirm the location of your class(es).

Hotels near the Arthur Street Studio and the Exchange District:

There are several hotels downtown that would be within walking distance. There are also a few Airbnb's listed in that area.

Alt Hotel Winnipeg
Radisson Hotel Winnipeg
Fairmont Winnipeg
The Marlborough Hotel
Delta Winnipeg
Airbnb - search "downtown" or "70 Arthur Street"

Hotels near the St. Norbert Arts Centre (SNAC):

There are several hotels in the St. Norbert area and on Pembina Highway that are within an approximately 20-minute walk of SNAC.

St. Norbert Hotel
Comfort Inn Winnipeg 
SouthFour Points by Sheraton Winnipeg South
Alternate accommodations/short term rentals: Airbnb


Winnipeg Transit - public transportation

To St. Norbert Arts Centre: Stop 60757 (Westbound Des Trappistes at Villeneuve) is a 15-20 minute walk from the Centre. Use Winnipeg Transit’s Navigo service to plan your trip.

To Arthur St. Studio: Numerous transit lines stop near the Arthur St. studio in the Exchange District. Use Winnipeg Transit’s Navigo service to plan your trip. 

Directions to SNAC from downtown Winnipeg

A twenty-minute drive: 
- South on Pembina Highway past the Perimeter Highway overpass.
- At the second set of traffic lights, turn right (west) on rue des Trappistes.
- Drive for one minute (.5 km) to the end of the houses and cross the little “bridge” with farmland to your right and two roads to your left.
- You’ll see a big green “SNAC” banner by the second of the two roads, and two boulders carrying signs for Southwood Golf Course and the Trappist Monastery Heritage Park.
- Turn left on the second road (Rue des Ruinesdu Monastere) and drive .7 km past the Golf Course, through the Ruins parking lot and down the gravel lane to the SNAC parking lot.
Note: for GPS users, the physical address is 100 rue des Ruines du Monastere, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

A 45-minute air-conditioned bus trip on the new Rapid Transit line: 
- Weekdays until 7 pm take the 162 St Norbert (there is also a 162 University of Manitoba that does NOT go to St. Norbert)
- The closest stop is 60757, WB Des Trappistes @ Villeneuve (one block west of Pembina)
- Walk along Des Trappistes and across the little bridge (.5 km); turn left at the first of the two roads, follow it to the right-of-way that cuts across to Rue des Ruines du Monastere. It’s an easy to see gravel path.
- Turn left and follow the road past the golf course, through the Ruins parking lot, and down the gravel lane to SNAC (.6 km) 
-  After 7 pm the 170-University of Manitoba goes to Killarney and Baylor (behind the Fort Richmond Safeway) where the 91 meets it. The 91 always waits for the 170 since many people transfer for St Norbert. It follows the same route as the 162 and will take you to the Des Trappistes bus stop.
- On Sunday, the 170-St Norbert goes directly to Des Trappistes. It takes a break at the Des Trappistes and Pembina stop for 20 minutes, one short block before Villeneuve.
- At rush hour, the 137 St Norbert super express is another option.

Taxi services:
Unicity Taxi
Duffy’s Taxi



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