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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is located on Treaty 1 Territory - the original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation. We respect the Treaties that were made on these territories. WHEAT Institute acknowledges current and past injustices committed against Indigenous peoples in Canada and globally, and resulting in genocide.  We are committed to actively support Indigenous resurgence as an institute that respects, learns from and celebrates Indigenous peoples, Indigenous languages, Indigenous knowledge, and Indigenous knowledge keepers.

Winnipeg Named A Top 10 Travel Region for 2019

Although the world may have been surprised when Manitoba was selected as the only Canadian destination on Lonely Planet's Top 10 Regions for Travel 2019, we weren't. WHEAT (Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Art Therapy Institute) is extremely proud to call Winnipeg, Manitoba home, as the first art and expressive arts school of it's kind on the Canadian Prairies. Our province is a beautiful combination of natural wonders and rich cultural identity. From the vast fields of wheat that gave our institute its name, to The Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the gorgeous prairie skies, the Winnipeg Art Gallery (featuring the largest collection of Inuit art in the world) and our coveted status as the Slurpee Capital of the World for the 19th consecutive year, we love our province. The two Winnipeg WHEAT locations showcase some of the best of what Manitoba has to offer: one situated in a tranquil urban wilderness ecosystem and the other in the cultural hub of the city.

St. Norbert Arts Centre

Since it's naisance, St. Norbert Arts Centre (SNAC) has been a gathering place for expressions of the spirit. Since time immemorial, Indigenous people have gathered here on the banks of the LaSalle to practice sweat lodge ceremonies on sacred Ceremonial Ground,  For 85 years, up until 1978, this site also housed over 50 Trappist Monks in what was called the Guest House (now SNAC). The remains of the Trappist's 100 year old monastery, were beautifully restored after a ravaging fire in 1983 and are now fondly known as "The Ruins." To explore a day in the Monks' lives, click here. Recently, SNAC was also acknowledged as a spiritual site by Winnipeg's Buddhist community with the creation of a Stupa. The diversity of sacred traditions honoured and practiced in this spot over time is a testament to the spirit and magic of this land. The efforts of local citizens and the community group Heritage St. Norbert have allowed this site to be preserved as a Heritage Site.

As an urban wilderness destination, this vibrant site is important to all our relations including the diverse flora and fauna of a prairie riverbank ecosystem. Eagles, hawks, owls, osprey, ravens, beavers, otters, prairie dogs, deer, bees, wasps, dragonflies, humming birds and a plethora of other creatures make their homes in this environment.


The WHEAT SNAC Studio is home to a gorgeous river view, seen through century-old French windows, amidst the expanding WHEAT library. This beautiful location allows students to explore their inner selves in a truly sacred and beautiful natural environment.

Arthur Street Studio

WHEAT Institute is located on Treaty One Territory, the original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.


70 Arthur Street is a municipally designated historic site, located in the buzzing creative community of the Exchange District National Historic Site. The Exchange District proudly advertises that it features the "largest and best preserved collection of heritage buildings which include beautiful and massive stone and brick warehouses, elegant terracotta-clad buildings, narrow angled streets and cobblestone paths."

Did you know that Winnipeg played a pivotal role in the labour movement during the early 20th century with the Winnipeg General Strike in 1919? The fight for improved working conditions and ultimately freedom and well-being lead to the largest strike in Canadian history with more than 30,000 workers leaving their jobs. The buildings in the Exchange District (primarily factories at the time) were the backdrop to this monumental event.

If you want to experience creative culture, the Exchange District is the place to be! The district is home to Winnipeg's private gallery scene and setting for experiences like the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, First Fridays, the Centennial Concert Hall, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and boasts a bustling culinary scene. All of these elements and of course, the artists and creators who call the Exchange District home have made this richly historic neighbourhood the cultural heart of Winnipeg.

Arthur Street Studio is a 1,100 sq. foot west-facing studio with perfect sunset views. The cozy, artsy essence of this studio inspires creativity and a sense of being at home.


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