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WHEAT Institute

Our Mission

WHEAT Institute provides holistic diploma and certificate programs in expressive arts and art therapy. Students come from backgrounds of education, social work, psychology and fine arts and, through WHEAT's programs, go on to help people of all ages and abilities to live with peace, awareness and creativity. Through WHEAT's programs, students learn how the universal language of art allows healing, growth and justice to emerge from even the smallest brushstrokes, movements and words.


WHEAT is the only therapeutic arts training centre in Central Canada, and operates on Treaty 1 Territory in Manitoba. WHEAT's holistic approach to education incorporates connections with history, nature, culture, and respect for Indigenous Ways of Knowing into its settings, philosophies and curriculum. WHEAT is the only school of its kind to provide Indigenous language courses within its programs, and it upholds its commitment of excellence in education by working with the most knowledgeable and in-demand educators from across North America. Please explore the site to learn more about WHEAT's programs, and how pursuing a career in the therapeutic arts through the WHEAT Institute can be transformative for your life, and the lives of others.

WHEAT is registered as a private vocational institution under The Private Vocational Institutions Act (Manitoba).

Learning to listen, in colour. 

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