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2. Application Form

Download and fill out the application form for the professional development course or full program for which you are applying. Submit in digital format by email or by mail. Contact for questions and concerns about registration.

The Rivers of Solidarity Certificate requires a professional arts based practice or a background in a related field (such as counselling, education, social work, fine arts, or psychology), along with some arts practice.


Please note that a Bachelor's degree, or a Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR), is the minimum requirement for the Harmonized and Indigenized Art Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Dual Diploma programs. 

Harmonized Art/Expressive Arts/Dual Diploma Application Form

Indigenized Art/Expressive Arts/Dual Diploma Application Form

Harmonized Rivers of Solidarity Certificate Application Form

Indigenized Expressive Arts Certificate Application Form

Individual Drop In / Professional Development Registration Form

3. Payment

There is no GST. All fees are listed in Canadian (CAD) dollars.

$100.00 CAD non-refundable Registration Fee for Certificate and Professional Development applicants

$225.00 CAD non-refundable Registration Fee for Art, Expressive Arts, and Dual Diploma applicants


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