Expressive Arts Certificate

The Expressive Arts Certificate was the first program designed by Darci Adam, initially as a standalone class, and then as a pilot class at the University of Winnipeg. The noted success of the pilot resulted in an affiliation with the University of Winnipeg, wherein students can complete a 15-credit hour specialization in the Expressive Arts, with courses which can also serve as electives in the provincial Manitoba Counselling and Special Education certification process. Today the certificate program features a variety of talented expressive arts educators and artists, sharing knowledge born of years of practicing their crafts and honing their skills as artists, educators and helpers. The program can be done in one or two years, during weekend and summer courses, and includes Multi-modal Studio classes, Therapeutic Arts Weekends in the Content Areas of Music, Movement, Drama, Poetry and Mindfulness, as well as a Practicum Skills class.


Participants typically apply the skills acquired in the program in their workplaces and personal lives. Unlike our diploma programs, with their formal supervised practica, students take a Practicum Skills class, which is the prerequisite for the Practicum class at the University of Winnipeg, and allows students to begin practicing their skills in expressive arts. Students bring examples from applied expressive arts in their workplaces, and learn the application of their developing skills in their own real-world situations and in our studio at WHEAT Institute. Students learn the difference between the expressive arts therapist and consultant educator/practitioner roles in terms of scope of practice. This program attracts guidance counsellors resource teachers and classroom teachers in their Post Baccalaureate program, as well as clergy, artists, community activists and others from a variety of walks of life, who are interested in understanding and utilizing expressive arts.

See our Guide to Expressive Arts in Schools for Classroom Teachers, Student Services Teachers, and Administrators for ways to integrate expressive arts in your school.

University of Winnipeg students may receive up to 15 credit hours of this training in their Post Baccalaureate in Education. Course hours can be used towards registration with Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association or IEATA as professional members.

For more information about Expressive Arts training, contact WHEAT Institute at info@wheatinstitute.com or register here.

A copy of our course of study schedule is available upon request.

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Current Requirements

The Expressive Arts Certificate is open to people with a Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as counselling, education, social work, fine arts, psychology, OT, recreation or divinity.  Artists and community activists with some arts background are also eligible. A written application indicating your background is required.

Current Application Process

Application Deadlines: Registration is open for the 2022 cohort! There are a limited number of seats available and spots will be reserved as applications are received. 

Applicants are selected based on their written application statements, resume, and an art portfolio.

Manitoba courses typically take place at St. Benedict's Retreat Centre and Arthur St. Studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Learn more on our Winnipeg Location page.

Expressive Arts Certificate


“Every WHEAT learning opportunity provides me with knowledge and strategies that I can immediately implement with my students.  I have witnessed a marked difference in my students’ success and mostly in my ability to help them on their healing journey.  WHEAT learning is the perfect balance of theory and practical experiences. This immersive learning experiences is refreshing and empowering!”

Expressive Arts Certificate Student, 2018 - 2019

"It is hard to put into words how transformational this experience was. I am very grateful for the teachings, and cannot wait to inspire change!"

Expressive Arts Student from Fyre Jean Graveline's Expressive Arts Studio II

"I am counted among a small handful of folks who were part of the first U of W & WHEAT Institute PBDE cooperative program in School Counselling and Expressive Arts Therapy. I could not have done this re-entry into the world of academia without the yummy goodness that was the experiential, immersive programming at WHEAT. It was what I'd describe as, 'A Scrumptious Education!'"

U of W / WHEAT PBDE Program, 2014-2016

Current Fees - Expressive Arts Certificate

There is no GST on any of our fees or tuition. All fees are listed in Canadian (CAD) dollars. Training is tax deductible, see more information here.

Tuition Fees for Expressive Arts Certificate in Manitoba: $7,800.00 CAD 200+ hour program

The payment schedule is calculated on the course hours completed each term and tuition installments are due yearly on June 1, September 30 and January 15. An estimate will be provided to students upon acceptance.

Additional Fees:

$100.00 CAD - Non-refundable Registration Fee
$100.00 CAD - Art Supply fee (waived for online training)

$50.00 CAD - Graduation fee