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Cree Minute with BillieRose Video Series

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Learn cree with WHEAT Institute! We are pleased to present the “Cree Minute with BillieRose” series! We will be posting new videos on our YouTube channel and sharing the links below.

Produced by our Cree instructor Bill Cook, and BillieRose Cook, these short videos will help you to learn Cree with us! This September WHEAT will offer our first online beginner Cree class for all students, a compulsory class in our Manitoba and Saskatchewan Diploma programs. Also open to the public! Register for $100 per term. Classes will be held online 1 hour/week Tuesday evenings for 10 weeks each of the following terms: Sept - Nov 2019; Jan - April 2020; Sept - Nov 2020; and Jan - April 2021. Submit your web registration HERE

From Southend, Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan, Bill Cook is a fluent Rock Cree speaker and has been teaching the Cree Language for over 10 years. Bill also enjoys singing, songwriting and performing his original music. Learn more about him at

Cree Minute with BillieRose

Videos will be posted through summer 2019!

Dialect variations:

tansi - tanisi - hello, how are you

mwâ nânitaw - namôya nânitaw - fine

ikosi - ekosi - that’s all, thanks

Additional Cree learning tools:

Cree podcasts HERE

Interactive activities for language learning HERE


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