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Crisis Response: Working with Individual and Collective Trauma

Dr. Christine Lummis

Registered Canadian Art Therapist

Trauma Specialist

Christine Lummis is an internationally recognized therapist and presenter with 25 years of clinical experience working both individually in her Private Practice as well as developing therapeutic programs for people of various ages. She specializes in trauma, body-focused work, multicultural competency, and providing therapeutic support and training for professionals. She is also a Critical Incident Trauma Responder offering psychological first-aid to groups as well as individual treatment under a Trauma Assist Program.

Christine is an instructor and Academic Dean for WHEAT Institute and guest instructor for Master’s programs internationally. She obtained a Doctorate from Mount Mary University and completed her doctoral research while teaching in 18 countries on three continents. She coined the phrase Therapeutic Body-Mapping and developed grounded theory on its therapeutic value and clinical application as a culturally sensitive trauma intervention. She is the author of The Use of Art Therapy in the Treatment of Addictions, and Parents Handbook on Reducing Anxiety: what’s going on in the brain.

We are honoured to offer Crisis Response: Working with Individual and Collective Trauma as part of our online spring programming! This course will provide information on trauma responses and strategies for supporting individuals and communities who have experienced a tragedy. Participants will gain skills to enhance their capacity to address initial shock, de-escalate and diffuse fear, and

hold space for group debriefings. Discussion will include addressing a sense of safety and bonding through trauma. Experiential components of this course include somatic and art-based activities, such as grounding, breathing, and visualization strategies.

Contact Stephanie at if you are interested in registering. Class begins Monday, May 4, 2020!


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