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Meet WHEAT Mentor and Master Teacher Dr. Kate Donohue

It is a great honour and privilege to introduce Jungian Psychologist and Expressive Arts Therapist Dr. Kate Donohue, via video! Watch the video below to meet Dr. Kate Donohue as she reflects on her life, work and connection to the Expressive Arts, Jungian psychology, and global Indigenous perspectives on the arts. She also gives a brief preview of her Spring 2021 class The Creative Woman and her Summer 2021 class Dream Weaver.

Use the following links to jump to sections of the video:

:37 Kate's early life, educational background, and transition into expressive arts therapy

5:17 Kate shares her appreciation for Darci, WHEAT students, The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, as well as the Canadian sensibility from a cultural and social justice lens.

9:26 Kate speaks about Jung, active imagination and the system of the dream, and expressive arts as a way to dream the dream on and help us tune in to our inner strength.

12:46 Kate speaks about her Spring 2021 course The Creative Woman, and the ways creative women challenge us to look, feel and think differently, effectively overcoming their own wounding and becoming their own myths.

19:18 Kate speaks about the Indigenous roots of Expressive Arts, and Creativity and Artistry as a way of life, as well as the ways Expressive Arts Training brings out the artist in each of us.

22:20 Kate shares her excitement about her spring and Summer 2021 classes with WHEAT and her wish that new vistas will open up to feed us the wisdom we all need to navigate our global circumstances.

Thank you, Kate, for taking the time to be interviewed! We look forward to offering your new classes this Spring and Summer (details below).


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