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Healing Arts and Spaces

"What I love most about the Arts, is together we are able to experience a powerfully transformative hands-on experience, where we are simultaneously able to create a healing space to acknowledge and release stored inter-generational trauma, and reawaken our Ancestral resiliency, while deepening our connection to Mother Earth creatively, ceremonially, practically and metaphorically.

As we engage as co-Creators, exploring multiple holistic healing Arts for Mind, Spirit, Heart and Body, we share a Lived Experience of healing at a personal and collective level, that we can then offer to others, and heal with our families, our Nations, and the World at this time when it is most needed and being asked for.

The Healing Arts has been a life saver for me personally, and it is my honor, and my pleasure to be part of the team bringing this Indigenized program to life, in the service of Indigenous communities."

Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline, Northern Bush Country Métis from Manitoba, Ph.D, RSW, RCAT Grandmother, Artist, Art Therapist, Earth Activist, Educator, Writer, Traditional Knowledge Keeper, WHEAT Grandmother's Advisory Council Member

"Healing Medicine" by Fyre Jean Graveline

Fyre Jean is a two-spirited, Northern Bush Country Métis from Manitoba, now living on the East Coast. She is a therapist, heARTist, educator, writer, traditional knowledge keeper and community activist. She brings a sense of ceremony and deep respect to her classes. Fyre Jean works and plays daily to understand how arts, culture, spirituality and socio-political realities intersect, and how we can use this to heal, teach and transform across divides of gender identity, race, culture, sexual orientation, age, ability, class and geography. Fyre Jean is devoted to ending all forms of domination, including violence against Mother Earth and among all of our Relatives. She is the author of many published books, articles and poems.

Learn more about Canada's first fully Indigenized Art Therapy Diploma at


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