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Our Wellness Centre Offers Online Art & Expressive Arts Therapy

We are excited to launch our new Online Wellness Centre which provides online groups, individual art therapy, and expressive arts sessions for healing and wellness. Student therapists are available to help you amplify your creativity and self-awareness, build self-esteem, relax, and come into the present moment through the arts.

We invite you to join us! All are welcome!

Individual and group sessions allow participants a safe space to connect and create. We are a strength-focused centre, supporting all individuals interested in a therapeutic arts experience. Art therapy provides a creative, empowering, and inspiring approach to address life challenges for a variety of concerns. Our Wellness Centre will focus on enhancing client wellness through creativity. Visit us online to see how you can access art and expressive arts therapy and wellness groups with student therapists in their first and second years of training. Through this program, students in our Indigenized and Settler programs are able to complete a portion of their practicum hours. All students receive regular supervision with experienced, registered art therapists. This unique time in history calls on us to find ways to manage our stress and build community through playful creative exploration. Please share this link widely as we have student therapists available now to provide individual and group support. You may register HERE.

Thank you for supporting our students and contributing to our collective wellness.

Darci Adam

WHEAT Director


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