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ReAwakening Ancestral Resiliency with Fyre Jean (part 1 of 4)

Earth Mother Vision by Fyre Jean Graveline

Welcome to ReAwakening Ancestral Resiliency through Eco-Arts Therapy. This may well be one of the most hopeful, beautiful and inspiring journeys we can take at this important transitional time for Humanity and for Earth Mother. Many Indigenous Elders around the World, have shared their own tribal version of what is quickly becoming a well accepted Truth: the current Pandemic is a symptom of a much larger imbalance, a collective trauma resulting from the pain-full fracture—the separation and disconnection that many Humans are suffering from, in relationship to our Mother Earth. Through Eco-Arts we will work and play to reAwaken the known, embodied, Resiliency of our Ancestors, who once lived in harmony, balance and reciprocity with Earth Mother. We can come to believe and practice a daily lived interaction with All Our Relations, and relearn to mindfully walk into our natural world and connect with whoever wishes to communicate with us: Animal, Bird, Insect, Plant, Tree. We can remember the feeling of connection, and what we learned through our sensory encounter, and share and witness our Rebirth, with others, through Eco-Arts. We will be collecting natural found materials, already on the ground, or in our homes, like grasses, feathers, seeds, barks, sticks, rock, in a mindful way, and constructing Arts forms like Mandala, Spiral, Infinity, or Medicine Wheel, making shrines expressing Love and Gratitude to Earth Mother, praying for Her safety, and asking for Her Guidance.

To be continued ...


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