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ReAwakening Ancestral Resiliency with Fyre Jean (part 2 of 4)

Fyre Jean Graveline and WHEAT student at Saskatchewan summer launch, July 2019

Together, we can take time to shift the stressful energy that we are all currently walking with, through Connection with the Natural World, and ReAwakening all kinds of sensory awarenesses that we have been Gifted, like our Ancestors before us, to attune to Mother Earth. We can slow down and remember that every Breath we take is connected to all beings on Earth. We all breathe the same Air and depend on the same Elements for survival. We can remember, with love and gratitude, that Earth Mother provides us with all of our Food, Water, Shelter and all we need to create with, a rich palette of colors and materials, in All Our Relations around us. Earth Mother is our teacher, showing us how to deal with Change, to be Resilient throughout ongoing Transitions, through her ever changing Seasons, Elements, Moon, Sun and Stars. Life is ever changing, and Death is eerily present now in our everyday lives, nearby for many of our Relatives. We will ReAwaken, to remember, Earth Mother, All Our Relations, and our Ancestors, are readily available to provide so much Wisdom about the Resiliency that it requires to survive and thrive in times of challenge and change. We know they have all been through it!

To be continued ...


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