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ReAwakening Ancestral Resiliency with Fyre Jean (part 3 of 4)

Fyre Jean Graveline shares her art installation in class at WHEAT, Winnipeg, Summer 2019

Many of us instinctively know, we do receive healing energy from being out on Earth Mother, physically, spiritually and metaphorically. We may seek certain Sacred places and spaces, like an Ancient Forest, a Rushing River, a Pristine Ocean Beach, some Snow Capped Mountains, a Blooming Desert, or our favorite Flower Garden or City Park, to experience a heightened attunement to Earth. If it is not possible to visit a familiar Sacred Space, due to geographic mobility, environmental destruction, or Pandemic lock down, we can remind ourselves of Sacred Spaces, and those of our Ancestors, through creating images, viewing pictures or videos and sharing stories. Through developing our innate potential for both actual Earthing, bringing our bodies in contact with our Earth Mother and All Our Relations, and imagined Earthing: thinking, arting, sharing stories, and witnessing, we reaffirm our energetic connections with Sacred Earth Spaces, we reconnect with Earth Mother.

To be continued in the final part ...


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