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Study at WHEAT Institute this summer!

WHEAT invites American and international students to drop in to the magical, sensory world of healing through the arts and discover the arts’ playfulness and transformative power. There are exciting opportunities to train with internationally acclaimed faculty in Winnipeg this summer!

St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Center Art Therapy Students
Art Therapy Students & Founder Darci Adam (back center) at SNAC

The Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Arts Therapy (WHEAT) Institute offers top quality training in Art Therapy, Expressive Arts, Expressive Arts Therapy and Therapeutic Clowning in Winnipeg, Canada. Darci Adam, WHEAT Director, is a Registered Art and Expressive Arts Therapist with Masters' Degrees in Drama and Educational Psychology (Counselling), as well as Diplomas in Education and Art Therapy. She is the Regional Representative for the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA).

WHEAT is committed to using the universal language of the arts for healing, self awareness and social justice. There are currently more than 30 students enrolled in diploma and certificate programs, plus dozens more whom drop in to select courses for professional development. Last fall WHEAT celebrated the first graduating class of Art Therapists in central Canada! WHEAT also co-hosted the 2017 IEATA Conference on Indigenous Roots of Expressive Arts in Winnipeg.

WHEAT classes are provided in a gorgeous urban retreat wilderness area at the St. Norbert Arts Centre in the Guest House at the Trappiste Ruins in St. Norbert, as well as at the Arthur Street Studio in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District.

WHEAT invites American and international students to drop in to the magical, sensory world of healing through the arts and discover the arts’ playfulness and transformative power. There are exciting opportunities to train with internationally acclaimed faculty in Winnipeg this summer!

Taking place in the tranquil, historic, natural setting of the St. Norbert Arts Centre these training opportunities are perfect for school counselors, resource teachers, educators, clinicians, therapists, healers and artists. Professional development and Expressive Arts certificate courses are open to international students. Course hours can be used towards registration as professional members of IEATA. Register this spring to confirm your spot before classes fill up!

Expressive Arts Therapy Studio II with Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline * July 22-25, 2019

* Unfortunately due to low registration there has been a change in instructor for the Expressive Arts Studio II. We were very excited to invite Dohee Lee and are hopeful we can work with her in the future. But, we are thrilled to announce that Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline will be teaching this course! She is a registered Art Therapist who has worked in education and social work for over 25 years. Read more about her on our "Faculty" web page. Further course information will be provided soon and posted on the "Professional Development" web page.

Clowning in Expressive Arts Therapy with David Langdon July 29 – 31, 2019 * CANCELLED *

* Unfortunately due to low registration we will not be offering this course in July. We do intend to offer this class with David, Winnipeg's most experienced therapeutic clown, next summer 2020.

Working with Trauma using Expressive Arts with Kate Donohue August 3-6, 2019

Master Teacher & Therapist and co-founder of IEATA

This workshop will introduce participants to the experience of trauma and how to address it as an expressive arts therapist. Participants will also be introduced to the traditional definition and theory of trauma, brain research in relationship to trauma, the stages of trauma and indigenous healing practices that address trauma, i.e. expressive arts therapy. Participants will explore the Jungian understanding of trauma and how it interlaces with expressive. The workshop will include an intuitive and didactic understanding of these aspects through readings, assignments and multi-arts processes.

Expressive Arts Therapy: Psychopathology and Developmental Psychology with Kate Donohue August 8 – 11, 2019

This course introduces participants to the archetypal and developmental approaches to character/personality development using mythological themes that underline human development and the complexes that create the psychopathology framework. Participants will also be introduced to art as healing from an indigenous perspective including discussion of traditional symbolic cross-cultural healing practices and concepts of healing and wellness; the origins of the arts as a diagnostic tool from traditional perspectives, complexes as a healing function and the use of multi-arts processes to address the healing of developmental, traumatic and cultural wounding.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing through the Arts with Victoria McIntosh August 13 – 15, 2019

Indigenous artist, teacher & Elder

This workshop offers participants exposure to a local Indigenous world view through Indigenous art and personal art-making. Participants will explore methodologies, concepts, cultural perspectives, ceremony and art forms of Indigenous people of Manitoba. In addition, there will be an exploration into how art can assist in the reconciliation process as a tool for healing, self-understanding and dialogue.

Expressive Arts Certificate  

WHEAT’s Expressive Arts Certificate program begins with a ten-day intensive (July 16 – 26, 2019) that will include Studio classes with Marg Janick-Grayston, MDiv, REACE, Dohee Lee and Darci Adam, WHEAT Director. Students will explore the theoretical foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy and learn hands-on strategies for healing through art-making, drama, music, writing and movement.

This is followed by Practicum Skills with Darci Adam, an applied counselling course offered over a series of 5 Saturdays (Zoom option can be made available for students outside of Manitoba), and Expressive Arts Therapy: Personal and Professional Practice, a series of 6 weekends with guest instructors specializing in mindfulness, poetry, creative drama, Indigenous arts and movement. This training is relevant for use in schools, agencies, recreation settings, private practice and for self-care.

Students can register for individual courses and individual Personal & Professional Practice weekends.

Expressive Arts Certificate student:

“Having been a student services teacher for more than a decade I have had many opportunities to support students through a myriad of experiences. The students in our classrooms have experienced loss, anxiety, mental illness and trauma. Every WHEAT learning opportunity provides me with knowledge and strategies that I can immediately implement with my students. I have witnessed a marked difference in my students’ success and mostly in my ability to help them on their healing journey. WHEAT learning is the perfect balance of theory and practical experiences.  My new knowledge and framework for understanding and supporting students is changing the way I support students. Students are more receptive to the new interventions and are demonstrating increased participation and internalization of wellness, and skill generalization for self-care, student learning, managing emotions and interactions with others. This immersive learning experiences is refreshing and empowering!”

Expressive Arts Diploma student:

"Entering the WHEAT Expressive Art Therapy diploma program has presented so many life-altering and life-affirming moments. Along this incredible journey of learning and self-discovery, I have often paused and considered how fortunate I have been to connect to the incredible faculty and fellow students. In a word, WHEAT is transformative!"


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