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Thank You Karen, With Gratitude

We want to take a moment to say thank you and acknowledge the immense contribution of Art Therapy instructor Karen Wallace.

Karen is an art therapist, artist, art instructor, educator and trainer. Karen joined the WHEAT faculty in 2016 with the inaugural Art Therapy Diploma cohort. She since has been integral to our Art Therapy Diploma program, teaching the first year Art Therapy classes in the summer and Focus Centred Art Therapy in the fall - one of our most popular classes!

Karen Wallace and WHEAT student artwork outside of SNAC
Photo credit: Karen Wallace, artwork outside of SNAC

Karen was the first instructor our students met and was highly regarded as a Master teacher. We received glowing feedback from our students that acknowledged Karen's expertise and mentorship as they began their art therapy training. Karen celebrated the first graduating class of art therapists in Manitoba on November 11, 2018 in WHEAT’s first graduation ceremony.

Karen Wallace with WHEAT Students
Photo credit: Karen Wallace, pictured with several WHEAT students
"The Art Therapy Diploma summer intensive, instructed by Karen Wallace, was hard core, enlightening and I cannot wait to dive further into Art Therapy over the next few years.  It's really hard to put into words just how amazing it was!  I would definitely suggest this program to anyone interested in Art Therapy." - Art Therapy Diploma student
“Rich, in-depth learning opportunity with a master teacher in Focusing. Thank you Karen!” - Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma student

In her private practice Karen works with adults and children. She also teaches in Educational Counselling Psychology, Social Work, and Early Childhood Education at the University of Regina, and is looking forward to the release of her new book Trauma Informed Teaching Through Play, Art and Narrative coming out in 2019.

Thank you Karen for your dedication and support in training Manitoba's first class(es) of Art Therapists!

Karen Wallace with WHEAT Students at the St Norbert Arts Centre
Photo credit: Karen Wallace

With Gratitude,

WHEAT Institute

January 4, 2019


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