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The Art of Sacred Play

The Art of Sacred Play. Dharma and Indigenous Teaching though Meditation and Contemplative Art Practice

WHEAT is excited to announce that we will be offering a 5-day experiential art, play and spiritual practice workshop with Linda Manitowabi and Lance Brunner this August!

The Art of Sacred Play: Dharma & Indigenous Teachings Through Meditation & Contemplative Art Practice will be offered August 27-31, 2018 at Windy Hill Retreat Centre (near Traverse Bay Corners on East Lake Winnipeg). Participants will be immersed in the Indigenous Anishinaabe and Shambhala-Buddhist worldviews through art-making and experiential learning - being guided through prayer, meditation and contemplative art activities in music, calligraphy, movement and poetry. 

About the Workshop

Join Anishnaabe Language and Cultural teacher and art therapist Linda Manitowabi, and Shambhala Dharma art teacher and music historian Lance Brunner in this 5-day experiential art, play and spiritual practice workshop, which merges two venerable wisdom traditions to offer teachings and practices helpful in living a good life – mino-binaadiziwin. The workshop is offered within the current Canadian context of reconciliation, wherein Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples are called to cross over to understand each other. Quickly we realize we knew very little about each other in the first place and have the opportunity to begin anew – as if meeting for the first time. By approaching awareness and knowledge from these two perspectives, we hope to foster deeper understanding, greater possibilities for peace, and increased interest in, respect, and compassion for each other and the natural world.

Linda will teach, and lead exercises drawn from the Indigenous Anishinaabe worldview and the Four Directions to guide us to create balance and harmony in our body, mind, spirit, and emotional well-being. Lance will do the same from the Shambhala-Buddhist tradition, and in particular the so-called Dharma Art teaching of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the Tibetan founder of Shambhala.

From an Anishnaabe perspective, teaching, understanding, sharing, and healing starts in a symbolic Circle that creates balance in the Universe.  In the Sacred Circle we can bring our minds together as one. We are all one and the same in a Circle and on Mother Earth.  All our Anishinaabe teachings follow the natural laws of the Circle. From a Buddhist perspective, Trungpa Rinpoche showed through both his example and his teachings how one can lead one’s life as a work of art, as a means of perceiving beauty and meaning in everyday life.  Dharma Art emerges out of meditative awareness and a profound sense of nonaggression, wherein we experience the capacity to meet the phenomenal world as not separate from us. 

This 5-day retreat will provide participants an immersion into both worldviews through art-making and experiential learning. You will be gently and playfully guided through prayer, meditation, and contemplative arts activities in music, calligraphy, movement, and poetry. The sacred is in the daily, and we are all inter-connected. Through living artfully, with mindfulness and awareness, we can be of greater service to each other and better stewards of our environment.  


When: August 27 - 31, 2018 We will begin at 9 am on Monday, August 27th and end in the late afternoon Friday, August 31st

Where: Windy Hill Retreat Centre. Learn more about this welcoming place of retreat and learning located at Hillside Beach, Manitoba HERE

Instructors: Linda Manitowabi and Lance Brunner. Learn more about them on our faculty page HERE

Proceeds after expenses will support the Elder Harry Bone Award for Indigenous students training with WHEAT Institute.

Full Cost: $1,100 before July 1st ($1,200 after July 1st) covers full 5-day retreat, all meals and accommodations. Accommodation is provided at the Windy Hill Retreat Centre. Senior/Student/Sliding Scale is $900 before July 1st ($1000 after July 1st).

Workshop only: $500 before July 1st ($700 after July 1st).

To Register: fill out the registration form and send a completed copy to by August 13th, 2018. Register before July 1st to receive discounted price.

Please join us on this journey!

May 30, 2018


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