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The Creative Work of our Students

Without a single spoken word, 2022 Dual Art and Expressive Arts Therapy graduate, Connie Haw, tells a finely nuanced story of intergenerational communication that tugs gently at our hearts strings through image and song. This qualitative arts-based heuristic exploration was inspired by the writer’s own personal lived experience, as a second-generation Chinese immigrant, in using the arts to bridge intergenerational relationships.

The Wall is Made of Glass:

Bridging Multigenerational Communication and Connection through the Arts

Connie Haw, WHEAT Harmonized Dual Diploma


Dual Diploma classmate and educator, Rodelyn Stoeber, wrapped up her program linking expressive arts activities to outcomes in the Manitoba Health Curriculum for students in grades 1 and 2.

Rodelyn Stoeber, WHEAT Harmonized Dual Diploma


Rodelyn's work joins the recent publication of WHEAT Creative Benefactor, Janine Tougas, who collaborated with former art and expressive arts therapy students to create Bon Voyage a guide to help educators use creative self-expression with students exploring the four novellas in her Voyage series. Themes explored in the series relate to Canadian History, Métis and Indigenous traditions, identity and self-knowledge through exploration of the virtues of responsibility, honesty, friendship, empathy, courage, leadership, and entrepreneurship. 25% of proceeds from this work go towards WHEAT's Maria Campbell Indigenous Healing Arts Publishing Fund when you mention WHEAT in the promo code at time of purchase. Learn more and purchase your copies HERE


Several of our Indigenized Art Therapy Diploma students participated in this viral TikTok video honouring water. A beautiful tribute!

Water / ᓃᐲᕀ nîpîy / Nibi / l'eau / Lo


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