Warm Welcome

This new year brings in new instructors for WHEAT Institute!

We are excited to welcome: 

Tzafi Weinberg to teach the Art Therapy Studio class in February. Tzafi studied art therapy at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute, BC, and currently is a Doctorate student at Mount Mary University, Milwaukee. She is knowledgeable in the area of attachment and trauma, specifically with Indigenous children and adolescents. She believes that Art therapy can contribute to the reconciliation process with Indigenous people.

The Expressive Arts Therapy Studio class (July 22-25) will have an exciting addition! Born on Jeju Island in South Korea, Dohee Lee studied Korean dance, music, percussion and vocals at the master level. Since her arrival in the US she has been a vital contributor to both the traditional and contemporary arts landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Dohee’s work focuses on integration of traditional forms and contemporary arts through music, movement, images, costumes and installation.

The video above demonstrates some of Dohee's social oriented work in South Korea.

Maria Riccardi will be teaching the first year Art Therapy classes summer 2019. Maria is a registered art therapist, career counselor, licensed clinical psychotherapist and the former president of the Associationdes art-thérapeutes du Québec. She is an adjunct professor of art therapy at Concordia University and a part-time professor at l’Université du Québec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. She collaborates with local non-profit organizations and mental health institutions, developing community-based art studio programs for adolescents and adults who are marginalized due to mental and physical health issues, immigration issues, and poverty. She has expertise with veterans living with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder within the context of trauma intervention as well as in the evaluation of art processes and products during treatment. She has founded a clinic in Montreal based on the Expressive Therapies Continuum, providing educational and emotional support to children and families.

Good things are on the horizon for WHEAT and our students!

Registration is open for our 2019 Art Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma programs starting this summer. Check out our website for more details and email info@wheatinstitute.com if you are interested in applying to any of our programs or our drop in professional development classes.

January 19, 2019

Learning to listen,

in colour.

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