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Updated: May 5, 2023

through Art, Movement, & Mindfulness Practices

A Human Resource Certificate Program

April 2023 Update: We are open to creating a program that meets the needs of your community or organization. Contact us at to book a call and learn more about what may be possible!

  • Ten Week - 100 hour Spring Training Certificate Program

  • Open to Human Resource and EDI teams and individuals

  • Personal, Inter-Personal, and Professional Practice applications

  • Evenings and weekends April 12 - June 28th, 2023

  • Global access online via Zoom

Weaving Braids of Belonging is a unique and dynamic arts-based Equity, Diversity and Inclusion program for human resource and EDI managers and employees to learn ways to use creativity to explore and embody EDI principles through arts and mindfulness practices. Energize and inspire your team through the power of the arts!

This 100-hour training program is open to individuals to do the personal work required to build competency in working effectively in our socially diverse and complex communities. The program uses poetry, movement, drama, and music to amplify meaning and diversify possibilities in questions of culture and communication. Holistic, embodied learning through mindfulness and the arts, impacts not only the mind, but also the body and the spirit.

Your team will increase understanding of the nuances of workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion in fun ways.

  • Develop practical leadership skills to enhance capacity to problem solve and build empathy.

  • Build awareness of Indigenous worldviews and resurgence in this time of reconciliation

  • Build competency in working in socially diverse communities.

  • Practice using a combination of enhanced knowledge, skills, and creativity.

  • Expand self-awareness and sensitivity through creativity, peacebuilding, & mindfulness practices.

Weaving Braids of Belonging is a 10-week program which includes:

  • a team-building orientation evening

  • two full-day Saturday classes to build awareness of Indigenous worldviews and resurgence

  • bi-weekly Mindfulness Training evenings, including an energizing Movement-Focused practice

  • a weekly Saturday morning course in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building through the Arts

  • a Saturday afternoon course to explore Intersectionality and Diversity through the arts

  • a closing harvesting session to share gratitude and farewells, as well as completing the course evaluation.

The International Faculty

Amanda K Gross - Anti-Racist Organizer, Artist, and Yoga Instructor from Asheville, North Carolina

Tayler Schenkeveld – Métis Art Therapist from Calgary, Alberta

Bonface Beti - International Artist, Peacebuilder, and Educator from Nairobi, Kenya

Tereza Gomes - Mindfulness Teacher and Family Therapist from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Morris H. Ervin Jr. - Educator, Racial Empathy Specialist, Wellness Coach and Youth Development Professional from Cleveland, Ohio

Christina Manchulenko - Métis Movement Specialist , Yoga Instructor and Tamalpa Life Art Graduate from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tasha Beeds – Creative Artist, Poet, and Community Engaged Water/Land Activist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Students who participate in this program will receive a 20% discount to extend their learning in our 9-month Rivers of Solidarity Expressive Arts Certificate, beginning August 2023, which will provide a deeper dive into arts-based social justice practice and leadership and result in a certificate.

Note: There is also a team discount of 25% for 4+ groups. This program is open to International students. The posted rates are in Canadian dollars.

WHEAT - Winnipeg’s Holistic Expressive Arts Therapy Institute invites you to further your commitment to creating inclusive, peaceful, and inviting workplaces by embodying your EDI knowledge to cultivate greater awareness, creativity, and peacefulness. Weaving Braids of Belonging begins April 12th and runs online selected weekends and evenings for ten weeks until June 28th.

Please reach out to WHEAT Registrar, Stephanie Scott, to book a 30-minute consultation on this program. Register now to move beyond the billboard through embodied, creative, and relational exploration of what it means to practice Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We welcome you.

WHEAT Registrar, Stephanie Scott:

WHEAT Office: 431-887-2787


Watch a Recording of our Pop-Up Information Session about our new Weaving Braids of Belonging program!


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