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"You heal, you doctor with art; you give medicine to others through art."

- Dr. Michael Yellow Bird, Dean of Social Work at the University of Manitoba

In art and expressive arts therapy training, we bring special attention to time and space for growth through relationships, discovering and living our life purpose, having a positive influence on social change, and expressing ourselves artistically and creatively. We hear from students and have experienced ourselves how relationships with Indigenous teachers and teachings have deepened our learning experiences, as Indigenous worldviews have been shared through story, art and music, and through what can be characterized as connection to spirit and the spirit world, as well as personal connection to nature and understanding of its significance.

Our recent graduation brought the words of our special guests Elders Mae Louise Campbell and Dr. Michael Yellow Bird to the fore, by amplifying the ways we can help each other as we explore the healing power of the arts. Elder Mae Louise emphasized, “The spirit of the creative gift is the most important gift we carry,” underscoring that “Everything comes from spirit.” We celebrated the theses/final projects of our students, as they each went deeper in understanding the ways the arts heal and the ways they can apply their own personal agency in the process.

We welcome you to join us, to journey together, with qualified and experienced Indigenous art therapists, expressive arts healers, artists and Elders, following a shared life-enhancing vision to integrate the arts into our healing practices and circles.

New this summer 2021 register for the fully Indigenized Dual Diploma in Art and Expressive Arts Therapy! Other available programs include the Indigenized Art Therapy Diploma, Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma, and Expressive Arts Certificate. The Diploma programs will launch on July 2nd and the Certificate will begin in September.

Learn to use art, story, language and ceremony to:

  • Revitalize Indigenous knowledge and communities

  • Honour our unique gifts as Indigenous peoples

  • Sustain lifelong practice as helpers

  • Protect and reconnect to mother earth

  • Learn trauma-informed, strength- oriented perspectives

  • Restore harmony with all our relations

  • Increase access to local Indigenous therapists in all communities, large and small

Registration is open to May 31, 2021

Email us now to register or book a consultation to learn more!

kinanâskomitin, Miigwech, thank you.


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