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Meet Bonface Beti: International Artist, Peacebuilder, and Educator

Updated: Mar 11

Bonface will be teaching Introduction to Expressive Arts in Conflict Transformation in our new spring training program, Weaving Braids of Belonging: Enhancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion through Art, Movement, and Mindfulness Practices.

Bonface Njeresa Beti is an international artist-peacebuilder and educator who applies theatre-based interventions with individuals and communities to create a story of peace. He integrates and applies embodied expressive tools into larger social justice issues as a language for social justice, decolonization, and structural transformation. He completed his undergraduate psychological counseling and theatre studies in Kenya and holds a MA degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Manitoba, Canada, and is currently working on his PhD at the same University. He is currently admitted to the European Graduate School in Switzerland where he’s pursuing an advanced certificate to join PhD studies in Expressive Arts and Conflict Transformation. Bonface is also currently serving as WHEAT's Expressive Arts for Social Change and Peacebuilding Director.

Weaving Braids of Belonging is a unique and dynamic arts-based Equity, Diversity and Inclusion program. Participants will learn ways to use creativity to explore and embody EDI principles through arts and mindfulness practices. This 100-hour training program is open to individuals to do the personal work required to build competency in working effectively in our socially diverse and complex communities. The program uses poetry, movement, drama, and music to amplify meaning and diversify possibilities in questions of culture and communication. Registration is open for individual courses!

Our Weaving Braids of Belonging program may also serve as an entry point for those wishing to extend their learning in our 9-month Rivers of Solidarity Expressive Arts Certificate, beginning July 12, 2023 at Painted Sky Studio in St. Laurent, Manitoba, which will provide a deeper dive into arts-based social justice practice and leadership and result in a certificate.


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