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Meet Christina Manchulenko: Métis Artist, Educator, and Somatic Therapist

Updated: Mar 11

Christina will be teaching Movement classes in our new spring training program, Weaving Braids of Belonging: Enhancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion through Art, Movement, and Mindfulness Practices, and in our Rivers of Solidarity Expressive Arts Certificate launching this July 2023.

Christina is Métis artist, educator, and somatic therapist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has served in public, private, and international schools as a classroom teacher, inclusion specialist, learning and behavior support specialist, teacher mentor, and professional development facilitator. After receiving her certificate in Advanced Expressive Arts Therapy from WHEAT Institute, Christina trained in Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy at Tamalpa Institute. She later served as teacher apprentice for Tamalpa Institute’s Level 1 Program. She holds a professional registration with The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association. Christina has also completed her qualification as a 500hr Master of Yoga with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres. Christina’s work embodies a commitment to social justice. Christina provides a course introducing the Tamalpa/Life Art process in WHEAT Institute’s Rivers of Solidarity Certificate Program. She currently provides clinical somatic-based expressive arts therapies to children in care of Child and Family Services in Winnipeg. She also offers movement-based expressive arts therapy groups for women in Winnipeg.

Weaving Braids of Belonging is a unique and dynamic arts-based Equity, Diversity and Inclusion program. Participants will learn ways to use creativity to explore and embody EDI principles through arts and mindfulness practices. This 100-hour training program is open to individuals to do the personal work required to build competency in working effectively in our socially diverse and complex communities. The program uses poetry, movement, drama, and music to amplify meaning and diversify possibilities in questions of culture and communication.

There is a team discount of 25% for groups of 4 or more in our Weaving Braids of Belonging program. Participants will also receive a 20% discount to extend their learning in our 9-month Rivers of Solidarity Expressive Arts Certificate, beginning July 12, 2023, which will provide a deeper dive into arts-based social justice practice and leadership and result in a certificate.

If you would like an opportunity to learn more from Christina, check out her upcoming somatic-based expressive arts therapy group A Moving Life for women starting on April 11, 2023. Registration details can be found on the graphics below.


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