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Meet Morris H. Ervin Jr: Educator, Racial Empathy Specialist, and Wellness Coach

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Morris will be teaching Mindfulness & Movement classes in our new spring training program, Weaving Braids of Belonging: Enhancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion through Art, Movement, and Mindfulness Practices, and in our Rivers of Solidarity Expressive Arts Certificate launching this July 2023.

Morris H. Ervin Jr. founder of Mansa Consulting; is an educator, speaker, coach, and youth development professional. Morris has over 20 years experience pioneering social and emotional mentoring programs, leadership seminars, mindfulness retreats and community engagement initiatives. As a Social Studies Teacher in the early 2000’s; Morris created and designed a new innovative African American History Course/Curriculum that challenged the public school system by implementing a unique style of teaching and learning in the classroom called Nonviolent Communication. Morris currently speaks on Non-violence, and Youth Development internationally, while teaching an embodied style of mindfulness called Soulful Meditation.

Weaving Braids of Belonging is a unique and dynamic arts-based Equity, Diversity and Inclusion program. Participants will learn ways to use creativity to explore and embody EDI principles through arts and mindfulness practices. This 100-hour training program is open to individuals to do the personal work required to build competency in working effectively in our socially diverse and complex communities. The program uses poetry, movement, drama, and music to amplify meaning and diversify possibilities in questions of culture and communication.

There is a team discount of 25% for groups of 4 or more in our Weaving Braids of Belonging program. Participants will also receive a 20% discount to extend their learning in our 9-month Rivers of Solidarity Expressive Arts Certificate, beginning July 12, 2023 with Morris' Movement class at Painted Sky Studio in St. Laurent, Manitoba, which will provide a deeper dive into arts-based social justice practice and leadership and result in a certificate.


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