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Memorial Gallery

Call Out for Contributions: Memorial Gallery

tânisi, Greetings to all. This is a call out for all who are inspired to contribute to our Online Memorial Gallery.  We are creating this Memorial Gallery to acknowledge the pain, grief, outrage, shame and blame currently being resurfaced with the recent horrific news of the children found buried at what once was the site of the Kamloops Residential School. Simultaneously we wish to honor the trauma and the strength of Survivors and Descendants and bring much needed attention the ongoing Legacy of the Indian Residential School Era, to make visible the continuing ripple effects into our shared worlds today, and to commit to ongoing reconcileActions to do our part to bring awareness to and make change in all of our circles of influence.  To encourage the launch of the Memorial Gallery,  Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline, Lead of Indigenized Healing Arts Programming at WHEAT Institute, wishes to offer this Response Art, an Eco-Art Image, created with Food Paints, with an accompanying Poetic Inquiry. We encourage you to send in your heARTfelt contributions to


BlueberryBeet, BeetCarrot, BEAM©Blue, Turmeric, Coffee, Dandelion, Ash, Onion.

When I Heard the Recent Horrific News

Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline

When i Heard. The Recent Horrific News….

            i Took it. Directly. to my Heart. my heARTs.

            i Grabbed. my Food Paints. my BlueberryBeet. and Made. a Pour.

            on a Big Page. This. is a Big Event. Wake Up. Canada. i Pray


Read the full Poetic Inquiry:

Listen to a reading of the Poetic Inquiry:

When I Heard the Recent Horrific News
00:00 / 22:17

Faceless dolls for the Children who were found in BC

Starlynn Shears-Osmond

The child is chained to the adult and wearing a peaked hat, prayer hat.

one peyak acahk (Darci Adam).jpeg

Listen to a reading of the Poetic Inquiry:

peyâk achâkDarci Adam
00:00 / 00:18

one ~ pêyak acâhk 

Darci Adam


precious one
one perfect form
original in nature
sacred one

pêyak acâhk
pêyak poko acâhk
pimotêw êkwa acâhk
mamâhtawisiw acâhk
miyosiw acâhk
pêyak acâhk

Thank you to Dr. Kevin Lewis and his family, our Cree teachers, for supporting our Cree learning journey at WHEAT Institute.

The Indian Act in Comics

Damian John

Professional artist and muralist working with acrylic, digital, and sculptural mediums. The three images below were done in relationship to Damian's current art show “The Indian Act in Comics”, which is an exploration of the Indian Act and cultural genocide as perpetrated by the Canadian government, the British empire, and the Catholic and Protestant churches. They are set in a poster/comic cover style on purpose as this is what the show covers. You can be view Damian's art show online at 

Untitled-Artwork 1.jpg
Grief-215 (Damian John).jpg

Gift of Awareness

Gift of Awareness (Kait Matthews).jpg

Gift of Awareness painting by Kait Matthews 
In memory of her mother Bette George
One of the many children take to the Mohawk Institute aka The Mush Hole

For Bette
From left to right – over and over….

the beginning, 
the sun,
the life-giving water, turtle island emerging-
the trees-Anishinaabe.
the owl, forebearer of a dark time descending.
Mother, symbolic of family
Reaching out to hang onto her child,
her pride
her respect
her culture.
The stone-cold arm of the white man
whose belief in Christianity is so forceful and strong.
He rips her child away
So many children away.
Night sky turns to red
Painted with the blood of the suffering.
the trees burn to black
souls swallowed by fire
burned, forgotten.
The underlying stream of water continually flows,
water that gives life and hope
a salve on the pain of the past,
that we,
That they,
That history 
Should never forget.
Scars are permanent.
So many words unheard
So much lost.
The Eagle offers strength to the scarred 
and the gift of awareness for future generations…
Night is peace, solace in the dream world.
A healing time.
The water, the stars
comfort those who are in the spirit realm now, 
and console those who are still here.
They teach all Anishinaabe 
Offering wisdom for the future….


37,500 plus plus plus

Virginia Jahyu

37,500 plus plus plus (Virginia Jahyu).jpg

Land Beneath our Feet

Land Beneath our Feet (Lauren Harms).jpg

Lauren Harms

Lately I've noticed that my perception of the land beneath our feet has shifted. 
I can hear the cry of First Nations, Inuit and Metis children rising up from the earth.  
As I walk this land, I wonder 

What would this country have been like 
      if white colonizers had listened at the feet of Elders? 
What would this country have been like 
      if white colonizers had shown gratitude for what had been graciously gifted? 
What would this country have been like 
       if white colonizers had chosen relationship and humility rather than domination? 
What would this country have been like 
       if each child had known love of self, culture and community?
What would this country have been like
       if each child had lived? 

And these choices are before us today. 
Will we listen to our Indigenous, Black and all kin of colour? 
Will we listen to our creature and plant kin? 
Will we listen to the earth and the water which sustains us? 

An elder once shared that it takes 12 times for a person to hear something to truly understand. 
And it takes 25 more times for them to change their ways. 
And we need change. 
So we better pay attention. 

We need the truth to cut to our hearts and destroy the foundations of white supremacy
A system that plagues us all. 
This economic, greed driven, individual focused, white centered, fucked up system
Needs to die. 

And we need all people, all gifts and abilities
With those who have been marginalized at the center 
       To reshape
How we can live and be together. 
May we be reborn. 
May this country be reborn. 


Marcel Joseph DaCosta​

*Trigger warning* ⚠️ Sensitive themes & nudity, viewer discretion is advised.

NIGHTMARES was created in relation to awareness of systemic affects involving the Residential school system and “Starlight tours” that have been responsible for the abuse and murder of countless indigenous community members across Canada. View online on Instagram HERE

Facing and healing any type of trauma can be a life long endeavor.  It is brave and strong to ask for support regardless of ones circumstance or who you are, you’re not alone. Help is available. Never give up…ever 🦅

Canadian Suicide prevention line: +1 833 456 4566

Tiny Orange Sweater Project

Tammy Saigeon

A sea of Tiny Orange Sweaters to represent humanity coming together to express commitment to reconciliation, coming together to deeply commit to the strength of the collective circle. It all started with a small display from two strong women allies and grew by a few more, and then a few more, then Canada wide and 400 strong Indigenous and Allies , growing in collective strength reaching from hands to heart  growing globally . May we stay in the warm. Of. The circle always through the generations.

To learn more visit:


Collection of Poetry

Chuck Fraser​

Speak Up for the Stolen Children

Jean Tait

As more and graves of missing and murdered children were found over the summer of 2021 at residential school locations, what showed up immediately for me was Mother Earth and her many layers. The footprints of small ones who would never grow to take their place back at home or their communities. Their transformation took a different path. They were never to return to where they had been taken from… never to return to their culture. They might have been… We’ll never know. We need to honour their Spirits and speak up for the stolen generations of children, as they cannot speak for themselves. If not now… when?! 

Jean Tait art for Memorial Gallery.jpg


April Penny

Listening response art by April.jpg
Listening 2 response art by April.jpg

Truths Arise

Patricia Ki

Truths Arise.jpg

215 Tears for Kamloops

Spirits Rising

Both images by Art Therapist and Artist Jessie Buchanan

215 Tears for Kamloops.jpg
Spirits Rising.jpg

breathe life into the long arc

Suzanne Thomson.jpg

Suzanne Thomson

lay open the newspaper
many stories revealed
commit to acknowledge
known and not yet known
the impulse to brace
the broken-hearted ground
1 in 4 Indigenous children 
in every aspect of life
lay open the newspaper
the horrific news
soak in the orange ink 
stain and saturate 
white brush bristles
gather energy from Mother Earth’s core
reach deep 
through many layers 
core softening
heart aches 
ongoing heartbreak
open fully to the painful truths
unimaginable suffering 
across the generations
the brush meets the newsprint
orange enso 
breakthrough the print
acknowledging with each circle
every Indigenous child’s life extinguished
open to complicity
one by one by one
breathe as each breath is the last
breathe deep
connect to ALL
no part left out
connect to ancestors
known and unknown
extend out to future descendants
blood and not of my blood
we are all relatives
breathe life into the long arc
expand and extend 
right to be
each and every breath
commit to uplift ALL

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